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Corning Epic System OL3713-26-002 High-throughput label-free screening platform

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Corning Epic System OL3713-26-002 High-throughput label-free screening platform

Corning Epic System OL3713-26-002 High-throughput label-free screening platform

Cambridge Scientific ID #: 11363


  • Corning Epic System Monitor v 2.3 Software


The Corning Epic System combines proven label-free optical technology with the benefits of high-throughput screening in a 384 well microplate for both biochemical and cell-based applications. Consisting of a disposable ANSI/SBS standard 384 well microplate with optical biosensors integrated in each well and an HTS-compatible optical reader, it enables up to 40,000 wells to be read in an 8 hour period. By harnessing the properties of glass and light, the Epic System eliminates issues associated with using labels and over-expressed cell lines while providing access to new information.  The main features of the Epic System are its ability to perform label-free biochemical and cell-based assays in a 384-well microplate format.  It is easily integrated with existing automation and can reach throughputs up to 40,000 wells in 8 hours.  Generally, Epic assays have reduced assay development times and enable researchers to obtain more physiologically relevant data.


Features and Benefits

  • Label-free high-throughput screening
  • Addresses limitations of biochemical and cell-based assays
  • SBS-standard 384-well Microplate format
  • Integrates with external HTS equipment
  • Enables access to new information



  • Detection Method: Optical biosensor (waveguide resonant grating)
  • System Variability: 800fm
  • Certification: CE certified
  • Instrument Measurement Noise: 0.25 pm (root mean square, 10 scans)
  • Size: 0.83m x 1.15m x 1.98m
  • Time to Initial Read: 36 seconds from plate insertion
  • Single Point Read Time: 6 seconds/microplate
  • Power: 115VAC/230VAC, 15A/7.5A
  • Air Supply Required: 90 psi, 0°F dew point
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows
  • Wear Part Lifetime: 1,000 hrs.
  • Operating Environment of System: 23°C ± 3°C, <70% non-condensing relative humidity
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