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Used Lab Equipment

We offer an assortment of refurbished and used Cryogenic solutions ranging from Liquid Nitrogen Dewars, Cryostorage Tanks and Controlled Rate Freezers. Some of our leading manufacturers include Taylor-Wharton, Thermolyne, MVE and Thermo Forma.

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Spex CertiPrep 8515-115 Freezer/Mill GrinderImage Coming Soon

Spex CertiPrep 8515-115 Freezer/Mill Grinder

Cambridge ID #: 13396
  • Grinds samples Range: 2- 100 grams
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    Spex CertiPrep 8520 Freezer/Mill Grinder

    Spex CertiPrep 8520 Freezer/Mill Grinder

    Cambridge Scientific ID #'s: 13303, 13302

    The Spex SamplePrep 8520 Shatterbox, Swing mill with sound-proof enclosure that accommodates sample sizes ranging from 2-100 grams. Ideal for pulverizing dry, brittle samples and slurry grinding.



    • Typical samples include: Cements, Soils, Ceramics, Slag, Rocks, Minerals, Ores, Pharmaceuticals, Sulfur Pellets, Dried Plant Material.
    • 10-minute electronic timer with LCD display and environmentally safe, push-button membrane switch.
    • Cam-activated clamp requires only moderate hand pressure to secure the grinding dish in the Shatterbox and is adjustable for containers of different heights.
    • Equipped with lockable casters and a safety interlock system for operator protection.
    • Most popular "swing mill" in America, capable of grinding up to 100 grams of brittle material to an analytical fineness.
    • Soundproof enclosure reduces noise levels in lab.
    • Typical grinding time is two minutes or less.
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