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Used Lab Equipment

Used Lab Equipment

We offer an assortment of refurbished Refrigerated Centrifuges and Non Refrigerated Centrifuges ranging from Microfuge and Tabletop Centrifuges to Floor Model Centrifuges. These come in Low Speed Centrifuges, High / Super speed Centrifuges, and Ultra Centrifuge versions. Some of our leading manufacturers include Beckman, Sorvall and Eppendorf. Additionally, we have many Rotors in stock to fit almost all your needs.

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Thermo Sorvall Evolution RC Floor Super Speed Centrifuge

Thermo Sorvall Evolution RC Floor Super Speed Centrifuge

Cambridge ID #: 15566

The Sorvall Evolution RC centrifuge is not only powerful and reliable, it is also user friendly. From its large, easy-to-read control panel to the ergonomic door handle, the Sorvall Evolution RC centrifuge systematically reduces effort.


  • Maximum speed: 26,000 rpm
  • Maximum RCF: 70,450 xg
  • Maximum capacity: 6 liters
  • Drive system: Brushless DC motor with gyro drive
  • Accel/decel profiles: 3/3
  • Speed control accuracy: ± 20 rpm in the 0 - 1000 rpm range; ± 0.2% in the 1000 - 26,000 rpm range
  • Temperature set range: -20°C to +40°C
  • Temperature accuracy (run mode): ± 2°C under normal laboratory conditions
  • Operating temperature range: 10°C to 38°C
  • Temperature control system: Non-CFC refrigerant
  • Average heat output: 5 kW/8500 BTU/hr
  • Noise: 63 dbA (1 m from instrument at maximum speed)
  • Dimensions H x W x D: 1295 x 710 x 1055 mm (51 x 28 x 42 in)
  • Height to top of deck: 850 mm (33 in)
  • Depth with door open: 1125 mm (44 in)
  • Weight: 390 kg (860 lb)
  • Certifications: UL listed; CSA Certified; CE marked
  • Warranty: 1 year instrument; 3 years drive motor; 5 years refrigeration system
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Thermo Sorvall Legend Micro 17R Microcentrifuge

Thermo Sorvall Legend Micro 17R Microcentrifuge

Cambridge ID #: 12009

The Micro 17R Microcentrifuge supports micro-volume protocols such as nucleic acid or protein lysate preparation and PCR reaction set up all in a remarkably small footprint. Choose between 7 lightweight microcentrifuge rotors, designed to provide acceleration up to 17,000 xg and refrigeration offers cooling from room temperature.



  • Capacity: 24 x 1.5/2 mL
  • Maximum RCF: 17000 xg
  • Temperature Range: -9 to 40 °C
  • Run Time: 1 to 99 minutes
  • Maximum Speed: 13300 rpm
  • Power Requirements: 120V, 60Hz


  • Weight: 62 lb (28 kg)



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Thermo Sorvall Legend RT+ Benchtop Centrifuge

Thermo Sorvall Legend RT+ Benchtop Centrifuge

Cambridge ID #: 15128


Easy to read display panels and intuitive controls with your choice of EASYset soft-touch keypad or QUIKset rotary switch control. The low height of the Legend RT at just 12.4 inches makes rotor loading and unloading easier than ever.

  • Safe Operation for you and you sample with SMARTspin

The SMARTspin Imbalance Detection System provides optimum run stability for all rotors at all speeds and allows for eye balancing of sample tubes

Wide Range of rotors for every application

  • Rotors for every application makes the Legend RT the flexible choice. Process three liters of sample in the 4 x 750mL rotor's round buckets - then change to rectangular buckets which can accomodate twice as many tubes as previous models. Legend rotors offer outstanding capacity and high RCFs for tissue culture, virological tests, DNA/protein precipitations, and more!


Additional Specifications for the Legend


  • Drive Brushless induction drive
  • Control Microprocessor-controlled via EASYset™ (Soft Touch Keypad) or QUIKset™ (Rotary Switch Control)
  • Speed Range 300 - 15,000 rpm, adjustable in 100 rpm increments (QUIKset™) or 10 rpm increments
  • /Accel. Profiles 9/9 (EASYset™) or brake on/off and soft brake (QUIKset™)
  • Program Memory 4 plus a pre-temp program (EASYset™ only)
  • Functions RCF pre-selection, quick run, automatic rotor recognition, and imbalance detection
  • Run Time 0 - 9 hrs 59 min, continuous operations
  • Temperature Range -9 to +40ºC, CFC-free refrigerant
  • Design Galvanized steel chassis with armored chamber
  • Safety Lid lock and lid interlock (2 automatic lid locks)
  • Electrical Requirements 120VAC/60Hz
  • Dimensions 14.2in.H x 28.7in.W x 26.2in.D (working height: 12.5in)
  • Weight 275 lbs (125 kg)
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Thermo Sorvall T1 Benchtop Centrifuge

Thermo Sorvall T1 Benchtop Centrifuge

Cambridge ID #: 12916

These general-purpose centrifuges provide high capacity while taking up minimal lab space. Process up to sixty 5- or 7-mL tubes at a time to maximize your productivity. The AUTO-LOCK rotor system allows you to switch out rotors in just 5 seconds, allowing you to change test methods and protocols more easily. Easy rotor removal provides easier cleaning. Whisper quiet, brushless induction motor provides years of service with virtually no maintenance or distraction.



  • Maximum Speed: 14600 rpm
  • Maximum RCF: 23113 xg
  • Time Range: 0.5 - 99 minutes
  • Power Requirements: 50/60Hz, 350W
  • Capacity: 4 x 280 mL (swing out), 6 x 100 mL (fixed angle)
  • Maximum Density: 1.2
  • Maximum Load: 1.34 kg
  • Speed Range: 500 - 14600 rpm
  • Display Accuracy: +/- 10 rpm
  • Dimensions: 19.7 x 15.7 x 14.6 in
  • Weight: 114.6 lb (52 kg)



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