Agilent 1100 Series – G1321A HPLC Fluorescence Detector

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 The Agilent 1100 HPLC G1321A Fluorescence Detector brings high-sensitivity and selection through simultaneous multi-wavelength detection. This easy-to-use detector provides quantitative data and fluorescence spectra from a single run. The FD’s spectral information can be used for rapid method optimization and verification of separation quality.


  • Dimensions: 5 x 13.5 x 17 in
  • Weight:5 lbs
  • Environment:0 to 40°C at <95% humidity
  • Performance:10 fg Anthracene, Ex=250 nm, Em=400 nm*
  • Performance:RAMAN (H2O) > 200 (FLF rev A)
  • Performance:RAMAN (H2O) > 400 (FLF rev >A)
  • Performance:Ex=350 nm, Em=397 nm, dark value 450 nm, standard flow cell time constant=4 seconds (8 seconds response time)
  • Pulse Frequency:296Hz (single signal mode), 74Hz (spectral mode)
  • Excitation Monochromator Range:200 nm – 700 nm
  • Excitation Monochromator Bandwidth:20 nm
  • Emission Monochromator Range:280 nm – 900 nm
  • Emission Monochromator Bandwidth:20 nm
  • Spectrum Acquisition Scan Speed:28 ms/datapoint
  • Wavelength Characteristic Repeatability:+/- 0.2 nm
  • Wavelength Characteristic Accuracy: +/- 3 nm
  • Flow cells: 8 uL (standard) and 20 bar (2MPa) pressure maximum

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