Agilent 1100 Series – G1323A HPLC Communication Module

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Install any desired configuration of Agilent 1200 Series modules. The control module software will reflect which modules are present in the LC system and adjust the screens accordingly.

  • Enter parameter settings for every module, perform reset and on/off functions as well as calibration and configuration settings in a self-explanatory and intuitive way.
  • Define automated analyses including methods, timetables, injector programs, method sequences and automated calibration settings using the control module.
  • Protect your method from any inadvertent keyboard changes by setting method protection.
  • Use PC cards to store and transfer methods and sequences between Agilent1200 systems.
  • Monitor all operations and error events using the self-updating logbooks.
  • Use the context-sensitive online information system to get further information on all topics.
  • Use the context-sensitive menu function to have the quickest access on related functions.
  • To help comply with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) regulations you can select a variety of module tests that will check the performance of the LC system.
  • The early maintenance feedback (EMF) limits can be used for scheduling maintenance work.
  • Display data graphically using the Plot screen where as many as three different signal scan be monitored at the same time.
  • Print information to a PCL3 compatible printer connected to the serial RS232 port of an Agilent 1200 module.


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