Agilent 1100 Series – G1364C HPLC Fraction Collector

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  • G1364C Fraction Collector, analytical scale, designed for flow rates below 10 ml / min. (can be modified for higher flow rates) and for the use with vials, test tubes of up to 75 mm height, well-plates and a 40-funnel tray connecting to external locations of any size 
  • For analytical scale applications



  • Trigger Modes: Time slices, Peak (threshold, up- /downslope), Timetable (combination of time intervals and peak) and Manual trigger (supported only with G1323BControl Module)
  • Operating Modes: Discrete fractions: default mode for all vessels. The flow is diverted to waste, while moving from one vessel position to the next vessel position Continuous flow: optional, available only when using well plates. It is possible to move from one well plate position to the next one without diverting the flow into the well plate to waste
  • Test tube /plate sizes: Minimum 48 mm to 100 mm maximum
  • Maximum tube volume: ca. 45 ml
  • Maximum flow rate: 100 ml / min (depending on viscosity and generated back pressure, max. 6 bar at the diverter valve)
  • Delay volumes [μl]:
    • Fraction collector inlet to diverter valve: -500 (typical, depends on length of the tubing)
    • Diverter valve: ~15
    • Diverter valve to needle: ~110
    • Needle: -~5
  • Delay calibration Sensor: Single wavelength absorbance detector working at 654 nm, consisting of a LED and a photo diode
  • Diverter Valve: 3/2 Diverter valve with low internal volume (15 μl), switching time < 100 ms, maximum operating pressure 6 bar
  • Cooling: Optional (with additional G1330B), performance depending on ambient conditions and the volume of collected fractions
  • Maximum capacity: 3 fraction collectors in parallel plus one recovery fraction collector connected via 12-Position, 13-Port Selector valve
  • GLP features Early maintenance feedback (EMF), electronic records of maintenance and errors
  • Interfaces: Controller-area network (CAN). optional; LAN or external contacts interface RS232C, APG-remote (for remote start / stop signals to / from other modules) Interface to G1330A Thermostat CAN-DC-out for operation of Agilent approved external devices like valves
  • Safety features: Leak detection and safe leak handling, error detection and display, exhaust fan for fume extraction of hazardous vapors

Can be sold as an individual component or as part of a complete stack

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