Agilent G6140A Mass Spectrometer

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The high-performance design features of the Agilent G6140A Quadrupole LC/MS make it a great choice for analysis in any lab.


Mass Range: m/z 10 – 1350

Mass Accuracy: ± 0.13 u within the calibrated mass range in scan mode

Mass Axis Stability: The mass drift does not exceed the larger absolute value of ± 0.1 Da or ± 100 ppm of measured mass over a 12 hour period at constant temperature ± 3 degrees centrigrade

Scan Speed: 10,000 u/s in fast mode and 2500 u/s in normal mode

SIM Sensitivity: ESI at 400 μ/min or APCI at 1000 μ/min, Selected ion monitoring of m/z 609.3, Positive ionization, 1 pg reserpine, 100:1 RMS (20:1 peak-to-peak)

Flow Rate: ESI: Up to 1.0 ml/min water without a flow splitter, APCI: Up to 1.5 ml/min water without a flow splitter

Multisignal acquisition: Ability to cycle through four acquisition modes on a scan-by-scan basis within a single run. Up to four analysis modes can be viewed in the software window and can be linked together to facilitate processing and analysis. Modes of operation: positive/negative polarity switching, variable fragmentor voltage selection, and concurrent SIM/scan.

Operating Conditions: Temperature range: 15 °C to 35 °C (59 °F to 95 °F), Relative humidity: less than 95 % (non-condensing)

Dimensions: Height: 65 cm (26 in), Width: 39 cm (15 in), Depth: 75 cm (29 in), Weight: 50 kg (110 pounds)

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