Alpha Innotech ChemiImager 5500 Gel Imaging System

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Using advanced electrically cooled SuperChemiNova CCD camera technology, the FluorChem provides real time display and the R.S.D.P. standard of resolution, sensitivity, dynamic range and performance. The FluorChem is ideal for chemiluminescence, fluorescence, and visible imaging applications.



  • Applications: chemiluminescence, fluorescence and colorimetric
  • Transillumination White: For protein gels,autorads,film, plates and flasks
  • Transillumination UV: For the fluorescent gels such as EtBr, SYPRO Red, etc
  • Software: easy-to-use software for darkroom control, image capture, enhancement and analysis
  • Camera: High-performance, high resolution, CCD camera allows imaging of low-light samples in UV-illuminated, and fluorescent applications. 12.5x75mm, F1.2 Motorized Zoom Lens for ChemiImager 5500 with DE 500/400 cabinet (Includes motorized lens, ChemiImager 5500 camera mount, and cables. Requires AlphaEaseFC software version with software controls of motorized lens) –
  • Lens: Zoom lens, close-up 2+ diopter lens and interference filter
  • Filters: chemiluminescence samples, ethidium bromide, SYPRO Orange (595 nm) each filter has a bandwith +/-40 nm
  • Allows to visualize chemiluminscent reactions


How is this unit better than Alpha Imager 3400:


For low-light applications, such as chemiluminescence, a longer exposure time may be appropriate and it is best to go to the red ACQUIRE IMAGE button to directly acquire the image once the desired exposure time is set. Alternatively, if a good exposure time is unknown, try selecting Auto-Expose and using the super sensitivity selection. Auto-Expose will generate an image showing the signal intensity usually in less than 3 minutes. Afterwards, a different sensitivity (binning) mode can be selected to generate a better resolution image and the software will automatically calculate the new exposure time for you.


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