Antek 8060 HPLC- CLND

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Includes vacuum pump


Antek’s Model 8060 CLND uses Antek’s accurate and precise Pyrochemiluminescent technology to deliver an equimolar response for all nitrogen-containing compounds. The Chemiluminescence method is clean, fast and interference free. This groundbreaking method can determine all bound nitrogen in a variety of matrices.  Methods for characterizing crude products of a synthesis, quantitating target compounds or generating potency measurements may be based on traditional detectors, such as UV.  These methods are often inaccurate and time consuming. Additionally, this type of detector response depends on

chromophores and requires a purified  reference for each compound you investigate.  The Antek 8060 Series provides the solution. Our range of nitrogen-specific HPLC analyzers enables analysts to calculate compound potency using only a single, high purity nitrogen calibration standard.



  • Detection: Pyro-chemiluminescence
  • HPLC System Requirements: Operates on any system with an accurate pulse-free pump. Typical mobile phases (non-nitrogenous containing) include water, alcohol, TFA and other modifiers.
  • Flow rate: 10–300 μL/min
  • Sensitivity: <0.1 nanogram of nitrogen
  • Outputs: 1 mV, 1 V, 10 V
  • Gases:
    • Dry oxygen: 50–200 cc/min 99.75% 4.5 bar (60 psig).
    • Dry carrier (argon or helium): 50–200 cc/min 99.99%, 4.5 bar (60 psig)
  • Dimensions: 15cm x 26cm x 21cm (W x D x H) (6 x 10.23 x 8.27 inches)
  • Weight: 36 kg (80 lbs)

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