Azure Biosystems Azure 600 Gel Imaging System

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The Azure 600 gives you the flexibility you need for your research, while delivering solutions for quantitative Western Blot imaging. Azure Biosystems provides a unified Western Blot workflow, from the high-performance imaging system and analysis software to the reagents and consumables.


The Azure 600 Western Blot Imager Offers:

  • Flexibility—Sensitivity and performance for fluorescence, chemiluminescence, trans-UV & visible, and true-color imaging with 4.8 OD dynamic range. High resolution CCD cameras with fast lens options, adjustable lens and illumination settings, trays with adjustable distance to the camera, and auto-detection and pre-calibrated focus.
  • Quantitative accuracy—Designed for generating publication quality images and easy quantitation. Our reagents, imaging system, and software work seamlessly together to help you follow best practices for Western Blot publication.
  • Intelligent workflow—Our user interface allows total customization over imaging protocols, while ensuring repeatability from sample to sample. Our systems feature Auto-Focus, Auto-Illumination and Filter Control, and Auto-Image Capture. An integrated touchscreen allows ease of use and it can easily be controlled by an external PC, if required.
  • Data integrity—Azure Biosystems meets the standards for publication in all major journals, and additionally offers software to enable 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance.



  • Camera: 
      • 9.1 MP
      • 16-bit, 65,536
      • grayscale
  • Peltier Cooling: -50°C regulated cooling
  • 7 Position Filter Wheel: Yes
  • Trans UV302 and 365nm: Yes
  • Color Imaging: Yes
  • Trans-white imaging: Yes
  • Chemiluminescence: Yes
  • Visible/RGB Fluorescent Imaging: Yes
  • NIR Fluorescence Imaging: Yes
  • Epi Blue Light Imaging: Yes
  • TPN Channel: Yes
  • Field of View: 20.5 x 16.5 cm
  • Footprint (W x H x D): 42 x 56 x 33 cm

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