Baker SG503A-HE Biosafety Cabinet

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The Baker SterilGard SG503A-HE 5 foot a Class II Type A2 bio safety cabinet designed to protect people using the cabinet. This cabinet is an updated version of the classic Baker SG series and boasts an adaptive ergonomic design and efficient airflow management system. The ergonomic design helps prevent repetitive motion injury, reduces fatigue, and enhances productivity. The Baker SG503-HE features the airflow management system called StediFLOW. This technology includes a self-adjusting motor that uses less energy AND extends the life of HEPA filters for a double whammy of saving your lab money, all without sacrificing the safety of operators.


Type: Class II Type A2

Circulation: 70% recirculating, 30% exhausted

Weight: 856 lbs

Dimensions: 41 × 76 × 104 in

Interior Dimensions: 27 7/16″H x 58″W x 24 9/16″D

Voltage: 120V

Hertz: 60Hz

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