Beckman Coulter Optima XL-100K Floor Ultra Speed Centrifuge

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  • Maximum Speed: 100,000RPM
  • Up to 802000 x g



  • The Optima XL ultracentrifuge is used to generate centrifugal forces for the separation of particles. The XL-100K spins with a maximum speeds of 100 000 rpm. Classified “S,” it can be used with all currently manufactured Beckman Coulter preparative rotors; it is also designed for zonal and continuous flow operation.
  • The Optima XL is microprocessor-controlled, providing interactive, menudriven operation. Software functions assist with run preparation and optimizing the efficiency of separations. The Optima XL has an extensive database of rotor specifications and catalog of available Beckman Coulter rotors, the ability to perform common centrifugation-related calculations, and the ESP™ Efficient Sedimentation Program, which simulates the formation of the gradient and separation of sample components in a wide selection of rotors.

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