Better Basics SmartRack *NEW* Lab Bench Organizer

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The SmartRack basic equipment is a basic set for organizing basic accessories in everyday laboratory use and includes the following components (item number of the individual items in brackets for better understanding):


  •  6 components:
  •  1 x SmartRack (Item no. 01704)
  •  1 x Storage box (Item no. 01142)
  •  1 x Holder for bin liner (Item no. 01144)
  •  1 x Holder for glove / tissue boxes (Item no. 01143)
  •  1 x Holder for wash bottles, for 500 ml (up to Ø 75 mm) (Item no. 01146)
  •  1 x Holder for kitchen roll (Item no. 01162)


  • Organization
  • A space-saving solution
  • Efficiency
  • Safety


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