Bio-Rad Trans-Blot SD Cell Semi-Dry Transfer Cell

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Features and Benefits


  • Transfers take place in as little as 15–60 min
  • Minimal buffer requirements save money
  • Capacity to transfer up to four Mini-PROTEAN precast or handcast gels, or three Criterion gels
  • Single-step locking system allows simple, speedy setup
  • Platinum-coated titanium anode plate electrodes and stainless-steel cathode plate electrodes provide consistent and reliable transfers, durability, and long life
  • Extra plastic templates required by other semi-dry blotters to prevent electrode short circuits are unnecessary
  • Safety cover breaks the electrical current when lifted, preventing electrical shock


Applications and Uses


  • Western blotting
  • Nucleic acid transfer
  • Northern and Southern blot transfers in 10–35 min
  • Transfer of DNA and RNA using the unique agarose gel semi-dry blotting support frame




  • Maximum gel size (W x L), cm: 24 x 16
  • Buffer requirement, ml: 200
  • Gel capacity: 4 Mini-PROTEAN precast or handcast gels, 3 Criterion gels, 1–3 PROTEAN II gel sandwiches
  • Recommended power supply: PowerPac HC (High Current)
  • Dimensions (W x L x H), cm: 37 x 24 x 11
  • Weight, kg/lb: 3.6/7.9

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