Buchi R-205 V800 Rotovap

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The Buchi R-205 Rotavapor System is considered to be the most desired high-end rotary evaporator on the market and is known for its versatility and reliability. The R-205 features a rotation range of 20 to 280 rpm, an automatic height adjustment switch, and an average power consumption of 120 watts. You can process samples from 50 mL to 3 L with this system. The Buchi V-800 vacuum controller has a reading range of 0 to 1400 millibar and a regulation range of 1 mbar/torr to atmospheric pressure.


  • Rotation Speed: 20 – 280 rpm
  • Weight: 16 – 18 kg
  • Counter Space Occupied: 0.14 sq. m
  • Vacuum Reading Range: 0 to 1400 Millibar
  • Hysteresis: Automatic or 1 – 500 mbar
  • Regulating range: 1 mbar/torr to atmospheric pressure
  • Display: Digital LCD Display

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