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The Buchi V-700 Vacuum Pump is a reliable pump for Buchi evaporator systems, constructed with highly resistant materials for long-lasting durability. The V-700 delivers a pumping volume of 1.8mᶟ/h with a final vacuum just under 10 mbar. The pump can be used individually to create a vacuum or can be expanded to create a complete vacuum system with secondary condenser, controllers, etc. (The V-700 is for use with and included in evaporating systems R-210 and R-215 with chillers.)
This vacuum pump is in excellent condition, and all of our equipment is fully tested to perform at factory specifications before being shipped.


  • Capacity:1.8 m3 /h*

  • Number of Steps (heads):2 (2)

  • Final Vacuum (Absolute):<10mbar

  • Final vacuum with gas ballast:24mbar

  • Connection:GL14

  • Power Consumption:210 watts

  • Electrical Requirements:100-240V 50/60Hz

  • Pump Motor:DC brushless

  • Nominal Speed:Max. 1600 min -1

  • Sound Level:40—52dbA

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