Consolidated Sterilizer Systems SR-24C-X1 Autoclaves

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Consolidated Medium Lab series Sterilizers are designed to use steam to sterilize at temperatures of 212°F up to 275° F(100°C up to 135° C). Choose from a variety of sizes and programmable control options for pre-vacuum or gravity operation. Consolidated sterilizers offer a range of performance options to meet the most demanding applications. 


Operator Interface: 

  • Display: 7* (17.8 mm) Widescreen Color Touchscreen
  • Resolution: WVGA 800 x 400
  • Mounting Options: Front or Remote Panel

Industry Standard Sterilizer Cycles:

  • Gravity
  • Liquid

Optional Sterilizer Cycles: 

  • Pre-Vacuum
  • Liquid with Controlling Load Probe
  • F with Controlling Load Probe
  • Low Temperature (Isothermal)
  • Continuous (Product Lifecycle Testing)
  • Rapid Cool
  • Temperature/Pressure Ramping 
  • Bowie-Dick (Air Removal test)
  • Vacuum Leak test
  • Air-Over Pressure
  • Steam-Air Mix
  • ATF Bioreactor

Sterilizer Control:

  • Configurable Cycle Parameters: Standard
  • Improper Parameter rejection: Standard
  • E-Stop: Standard
  • Three Point Calibration of Sensors: Standard
  • Automatic Condensate Exhaust Management for all Cycles: Standard
  • Battery Backup of Program, Memory, & Configuration Data: Standard
  • Ability to Favorite Cycles: Optional

Green Features:

  • Energy Saver EcoCalendar for Scheduled On/Off Steam Supply: Standard
  • Auto Idle Shut-Off: Standard
  • EcoJacket: Standard

Documented Cycle Data Information:

  • User Defined Cycle Name: Standard
  • Start Time and Date: Standard
  • Cycle Type: Standard
  • Chamber Temperature/Pressures: Standard 
  • Cycle Summary: Standard
  • Operator ID: Standard
  • Cycle Set-Points and Parameters: Standard
  • Alarms: Standard

System Monitoring and Data Storage:

  • Printer: Standard
  • Electronic Data Storage via Flash Device: Optional
  • Dry Contacts for Door Open, Alarm Condition, and/or Sterilizer On: Optional
  • SteriNET Connex (Remote Troubleshooting) via Ethernet 

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