Drew Scientific Hemavet 950FS Hematology Analyzer

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The Hemavet 950 from Drew Scientific is the fast new veterinary multi-species Hematology system which can provide total quality results right in your office. The Hematology unit comes with an array of features designed to accommodate your multipurpose veterinary hematology needs.

Drew Scientific is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of the HEMAVET, a veterinary multi-species hematology system used in university research and busy veterinary laboratory settings. It’s favored in the market for its accuracy and precision.


The HEMAVET Multi-species Hematology System incorporates a proprietary patented Focused Flow (TM) design. This compact powerhouse uses a positive displacement syringe system which delivers cell-by-cell analysis occurring over an extended operating range, ensuring accuracy even for species with very high cell counts. It also delivers sample volume metering via the unique syringe system, ensuring the precision of results.


The HEMAVET automated multi-species hematology analyzer performs a variety of quantitative analysis for in-vitro diagnostics of hematological parameters. It has six dedicated pre-programmed species keys; available species include: dog, goat, pig, mouse, rat and HFRO (human for research only). Additional species can be run on the ‘OTHER’ key.


  • 20 parameters, including platelets
  • Fast – 26 samples per hour
  • Complete 5 part WBC differential
  • Designed specifically for veterinary medicine
  • Patented Expectation Maximisation software
  • Fully automated, whole blood open vials
  • Simple to operate
  • Low maintenance, due to Focused Flow technology
  • Optimized Reagents and Controls
  • Efficient, cost effective patient management


  • WBC, NE#, NE%, LY#, LY%, MO#, MO%, EO#, EO%, BA#, BA%
  • plus additional flagging for NRBC#, NRBC%, see note
  • Platelet Count, MPV
  • 3D cytograms : WBC subpopulations, RBCs, PLTs


  • Up to Six Dedicated Pre-programmed Species Keys.
  • (Additional species can be run on ‘OTHER’ key)

Available Species:

  • Bison, Calfnote, Camel, Cat, Cow, Deer, Dog, Elephant, Elk, Ferret, Foal, Goat, Guinea Pig, Horse, Llama, Monkey, Pig, Rabbit, Sheep

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