Edwards XDS46I Vacuum Pump

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The Edwards XDS46i pump incorporates a revolutionary bearing shield design that ensures complete isolation of the vacuum environment from any lubricant. As a result, the pump remains completely dry and hermetically sealed, effectively preventing any cross-contamination.

Furthermore, this innovative shield also offers protection to the bearing by shielding it from process vapors. The inclusion of the nXDS 35i gas ballast enables the handling of vapor and expands the pump’s applicability to tasks previously unsuitable for scroll pumps.

The pump’s inverter drive plays a crucial role in regulating the motor characteristics, ensuring optimal speed consistently. Consequently, the Edwards XDS46i delivers reliable performance while minimizing energy consumption.

Incorporating the latest tip seal technology, the Edwards XDS46i pumps significantly extend the interval between tip seal changes, resulting in longer operational life. Additionally, the integrated inverter drive automatically adjusts to varying voltage inputs, offering optimized pumping performance on a global scale.

The Edwards XDS 46i boasts various features, including being completely lubricant-free within the vacuum envelope and hermetically sealed, thus ensuring a clean and dry vacuum environment, free from any contamination. The absence of atmosphere to vacuum shaft seals results in the bearings being completely isolated, leading to cooler operation and prolonged bearing lifespan. Moreover, the pump’s simple single-sided scroll design allows for quick and straightforward maintenance, ensuring low ownership costs and maximum uptime. The pump’s design eliminates the need for oil changes, effectively reducing expenses associated with contaminated oil disposal. Additionally, the inverter drive guarantees consistent pumping speed at both 50 and 60 Hz, enhancing overall efficiency.

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