Elementar Rapid CS Cube Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer

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Experience industry-leading performance in carbon and sulfur analysis with the rapid CS cube: The elemental analyzer offers simultaneous, fast and automated analysis of carbon and sulfur, making the rapid CS cube a universal instrument for the analysis of coal and coke, soil samples, or waste. Designed for unattended 24/7 operation with highest possible instrument uptime, the rapid CS cube delivers results with highest precision and accuracy at outstanding low maintenance.


  • Weighing range: The instrument’s range encompasses micro (< 1 mg) and macro (1 g) applications, depending on the sample type.
  • Element concentration range: C: up to 40 mg absolute, from 0 – 100 %; S: up to 20 mg absolute, from 0 – 100 %
    Precision: < 1 % relative (homogeneous substance), depending on sample type, analysis mode, and configuration
  • Analysis time: ~ 3-5 min, self-optimizing according to element content and sample weight. Depending on sample type, analysis mode, and configuration.
  • Detector: SO2and CO2 specific infrared detector for sulfur and carbon analysis
  • Maximum furnace temperature: 1,200 ° C (whereby 1,800 °C is briefly reached at the combustion point when using tin foil)
  • Required gases: Oxygen or synthetic air

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