Eppendorf Vacufuge Plus *NEW* Concentrator

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The Vacufuge Plus was designed to deliver an ergonomic, intuitive, and durable solution. Its equipped with an advanced heating technology that provides the best treatment for the user’s sample which assures efficient and gentle vacuum concentration of DNA/RNA, proteins and other wet samples. It is constructed with a coated lid which provides chemical resistance against harsh acids and organic solvents like TFA and DMSO. The Vacufuge Plus is available with three configurations to meet the customers’ specific lab needs:
1) Basic Vacufuge for connecting to an existing vacuum pump
2) Complete system with an integrated solvent-resistant, maintenance and oil-free PTFE pump, and condensation trap
3) Complete system with vacuum port adds extra capability. It allows for using the integrated vacuum pump separately – without having to disconnect it from the system



  • Dimensions ((W x D x H): (33 x 58 x 29 cm)
  • Vacuum: 20 hPa (20 mbar)
  • Fixed speed: 1,400 rpm
  • Tube volume: 0.2 – 50 mL
  • Sample capacity: max. 144 vessels/2 microplates
  • Port to connect external devices to vacuum pump: no
  • Power supply: 120 V, 50 – 60 Hz
  • Max. power consumption: 350 W




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