Fisher Scientific 11-500-49H Hot Plate

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Your Fisher hotplate, stirrer and stirring hotplate are general purpose heating and/or stirring devices intended for general laboratory procedures. Three sizes are available, referring to the size of the top plate in inches: 4×4, 7×7, and 10×10. All three sizes are available as a hotplate, stirrer, or combination stirring hotplate. In addition, all three are available with a ceramic top plate. The 7×7 size is also available with an aluminum top plate. The catalog numbers above refer to the units that are available. A vessel with a flat bottom is recommended on the hotplate and stirring hotplate for ideal heat transfer. Glass containers should be made of heat resistant glass such as borosilicate. Avoid soda lime glass containers, metal containers, sandbaths, or vessels with a rim around the bottom as these could cause damage to the hot plate and stirring hot plate.


  • 7×7 ceramic top models
  • 150°C (302°F) – 540°C (1004°F)
  • 100 – 1000 RPM

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