Forma 4535 Environmental Shaker Incubator

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The Thermo Forma Model 4535 Incubator Shaker is a large-capacity environmental shaker that allows for uniform heating and motion and accurate regulation of shaking speed. This equilibration creates faster operation and enhances the productivity of laboratories with shaking requirements. The Forma 4535 is designed to accommodate a wide variety of flasks, tubes, and other glassware. Program and store up to three user-defined combinations for ease of use and quick parameter recovery.


  • Max Speed: 525 RPM
  • Shaking Accuracy: ± 1 RPM
  • Max Temperature: 60°C
  • Temperature Control: ± 0.1°C
  • Temperature Uniformity: ± 0.2°C
  • Orbital Diameter: 1 inch
  • Timer: 5 min to 199.99 hours / hold
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 40.5 x 26 x 45 in
  • Power Requirements: 115 V, 60 Hz, 8.6 A

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