Lab-Line 1314 Rotator

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The Labline 1314 Orbital Shaker is a cutting-edge laboratory instrument designed to provide precise and efficient mixing and agitation of samples. With its advanced orbital motion, this shaker is capable of accommodating a wide range of applications, including cell culture, DNA extraction, staining, hybridization, and more. Equipped with a reliable motor and adjustable speed control, the Labline 1314 offers versatility and accuracy in controlling shaking intensity, allowing researchers to tailor the shaking conditions to suit their specific experimental requirements. The shaker’s spacious platform can hold multiple sample vessels simultaneously, and its sturdy construction ensures stability and minimizes vibrations. With its user-friendly interface and robust performance, the Labline 1314 Orbital Shaker is an indispensable tool for laboratories seeking reliable and consistent sample agitation for their scientific investigations.

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