Leica DM6000M Compound Material Microscope

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  • 50x and 100x Objectives
  • 10x/25 Eyepieces
  • 6×6″ sample area with a 6×6″ Marzhauser motorized stage
  • Easily upgradable to DIC and Polarized Light
  • Additional Objectives available.



The modular design of the automated Leica DM6000 microscope for materials and geo science makes it possible to configure a system for every user’s specific application and preference.

The microscope can be used with all common incident light methods (brightfield, darkfield, polarization, interference contrast, fluorescence contrast), all fully automated on request. The incident light axis also has a 4x reflector disk with 2 permanently mounted positions and 2 interchangeable positions for adding reflectors or fluorescence filter cubes, which you can select from a wide range of accessories.



  • Fully motorized and encoded microscope
  • 6×6″ sample area with a 6×6″ Marzhauser motorized stage
  • Complete with BF/DF/DIC/POL with a 1.25x, 10x, 20x, 50x objectives, trinocular head and eyepieces.  
  • Perfectly tailored system for research tasks – with high-resolution digital cameras and software modules for image analysis and archiving
  • Fully automated incident light axis for brightfield, darkfield, polarization, interference contrast, and fluorescence
  • Incident light with 4-position reflector disk (two fixed positions, two variable positions) for reflectors or fluorescence filter cubes
  • Automated illumination manager and contrast manager, and fully motorized aperture and field diaphragms
  • Motorized z focus drive and motorized stages, reproducible x, y, and z positions
  • Motorized, encoded 6-position objective nosepiece
  • One-of-a-kind memory function for simultaneous changeover of the objective and contrast method
  • Integrated Leica SmartTouch panel for control and monitoring of all automated components

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