Life Technologies Ion Proton Sequencer DNA Sequencer

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  • Discover the future of DNA sequencing with the Life Technologies Ion Proton Sequencer. This state-of-the-art genetic analysis tool combines cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design to revolutionize the field of genomics. With its compact size and high-throughput capabilities, the Ion Proton Sequencer is perfect for research labs and genomics facilities of all sizes. Experience lightning-fast results, exceptional data quality, and unmatched flexibility as you delve into the intricacies of the genome. Seamlessly integrated with Life Technologies’ analysis software, this sequencer empowers researchers to make groundbreaking discoveries and drive advancements in personalized medicine. Unlock the potential of genomics with the Ion Proton Sequencer today.
  • Power Voltage: 100 V (min) to 240 V (max)
  • Frequencing: 50/60 Hz
  • Power Draw: 1,350 W
  • Dimensions
    • Width: 21.3 in/54.2 cm
    • Depth: 30.5 in/77.5 cm
    • Height: 18.7in/47.4 cm
    • Weight:130 lb/59 kg

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