Miltenyi Biotec AutoMACS Pro Separator

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  • Full automation

Simply place samples and Reagents, choose your settings, and let the autoMACS Pro Separator perform all the automated labeling and magnetic cell separation.

  • Flexibility

Immediate isolation of target cells from a broad range of starting materials, which include whole blood, PBMCs and single-cell suspensions from dissociated tissues.

  • One column fits all

The reusable autoMACS Columns ensure high purity by positive selection, depletion, or untouched isolation of practically any target cells. 

  • Standardization

Isolate your immune cells in a routine way each time and ensure accurate sample handling while reducing user variation and risk to operators. 


  • Principle: Any positive and untouched isolation can be performed to separate target cells from PBMCs, cultured cells, and dissociated tissue. In addition, cells can be directly isolated from whole blood or bone marrow using StraightFrom Whole Blood MicroBeads. Overall more than 400 different MicroBeads and Isolation Kits are available and we are steadily expanding our portfolio. Upon automated separation, labeled cells as well as non-labeled cells are obtained and can be used for a variety of downstream applications such as functional and molecular assays, chimerism analysis, and flow cytometry. To ensure cell viability and integrity, cells are kept cooled in Chill Racks.
  • Monitoring: Pre-set programs for all MACS MicroBeads and Isolation Kits ensure accurate sample handling. Sensors constantly monitor the status of the autoMACS Pro, buffer levels, and column status. This ensures optimal instrument performance and safety of samples and operators.
  • Level of automation: Fully automated
  • Footprint: 605×455 mm (W x D)
  • Height: 5-454 mm (adjustable touchscreen)

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