Nikon TE2000-S Inverted Microscope

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  • Nikon has reinvented the function and redefined the performance of research inverted microscopy with the introduction of the Eclipse TE2000 Inverted Research Microscope. The new inverted microscope is the first to take full advantage of and utilize the infinity space. Available in three models, TE2000 microscopes all feature a multi-port design and an exclusive stratum structure which allows them to be flexibly configured to meet the progressively advanced and diversified applications of today and tomorrow.
  • Because of its unique design, the TE2000 models are able to use multiple optical accessories either separately or simultaneously, supporting multiple input illumination sources as well as output detector functions. Multiple epi-fluorescence techniques may then be easily used simultaneously or sequentially, allowing other techniques such as high resolution deconvolution 3D images which may be incorporated together with FRAP or FRET applications.
  • The TE2000S is a basic model that can be used for specific tasks and is equipped with two output ports as standard.
  • All TE2000 microscopes have the flexibility of using either motorized or manual accessories. With a dedicated communications hub controller, researchers can choose retrofittable motorized options to achieve any desired research method. This also enables external control of the microscope from a remote pad or a connected PC, making it easy to integrate image analysis using commercially available image processing software.

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