Olympus IMT2 Inverted Phase Contrast Microscope

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This Olympus IMT-2 Inverted Research Microscope is used and in excellent condition. This unit does not include an Adjustable Stage, Lamp Housing, Filters, Halogen Bulb or Camera Back. Eye pieces sold separately. Exceptional versatility and convenience are the hallmarks of the new Olympus IMT-2 unique design. Switchover among five different observation methods is fast and simple, and a fixed stage system, in which specimen focus is achieved by moving the objective, assures excellent stability and enhanced reliability during time-lapse photography and micro-manipulation. With such features , the IMT-2 is the ideal instrument for advanced research in the fields of biotechnology and medicine.


  • Plain Stage: 160 mm x 240 mm (Insert Plate Diameter: 110 mm)
  • Filter Holders: 4 (Filters Not Included)
  • Light Path Selector Knob: BI (Binocular Tube), OM (For 35 mm Camera Back), MTU (For Multi-Tube Attachment)
  • Objectives: (1) SPlan 20PL 20x/0.46
  • Objectives: (1) SPlan 40PL 40x/0.70
  • Excitation Size: 22 mm
  • Dichoric Size: 21 x 29 mm
  • Emission Size: 20 mm

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