Perkin Elmer Nivo 3F Multimode Microplate Reader

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Compact, light-weight multimode plate reader designed for life science research laboratories performing routine low-throughput assays, or assay development work, with diverse application requirements. When combined with the stacker, throughput for the VICTOR Nivo is increased and productivity is enhanced by enabling users to set up walk away automation.


  • Multimode Plate Reader with 3 detection technologies and standard features:
  • Filter-based Absorbance including 405/10nm filter
  • Luminescence detection technology including 700nm IR cut-off filter
  • Fluorescence intensity detection including FITC filters (480/30nm for excitation, 530/30nm for emission) and 50/50 dichroic beam splitter
  • Top & Bottom microplate-plate detection for all technologies
  • Temperature control – 3°C above ambient up to 65°C
  • Shaker with three modes: linear, orbital, and double orbital
  • 1 – 1536-well plate reading capability
  • Wi-Fi modem and Ethernet network cable for remote control
  • Device control software
  • MyAssays Desktop Standard data analysis software (1 license)
  • Dimensions: Width 20 cm, Depth 50 cm, Height 27 cm Product Weight: 13 kg
  • VICTOR Nivo Laptop Kit
  • OkoLab C02-02 Controller for VICTOR Nivo
  • Separate gas control unit to be connected to any VICTOR Nivo plate reader
  • Nivo Stacker

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