Plas-Labs 818-GB *NEW* Glove Box

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Simple glove box used for general isolation and / or containment. Units are useful for isolating sensitive research studies from a hostile exterior environment. These economical units are compact, portable, lightweight and self-contained.


  • Interior Dimensions: 41″w x 28″d x 26″h, 104 cm x 71cm x 66cm
  • Exterior Dimensions: 55″w x 35″d x 27″h, 140 cm x 89 cm x 68.5 cm (Widths include transfer chamber)
  • Volume: 200 pounds
  • Optional vacuum pump: 800-PUMP
  • Optically clear, one piece acrylic top.
  • Matched die molded thermoset, bright white bottom (818-GB only).
  • Coved, easy to clean corners with no hidden dark spots.
  • Double layered, closed cellular neoprene gasketing system.
  • Ambidextrous, white Hypalon gloves for superior chemical and U.V. resistance.
  • Adjustable vacuum gauge on transfer chamber. Four ground key cock valves for purging.
  • White leveling tray for transferring liquids through the transfer chamber.
  • Stainless steel “0” rings for gloves.
  • Transparent transfer chamber 12″ long by 11″ diameter (Interior Dimension).
  • All clamps fully adjustable to compensate for wear.
  • Hospital grade multiple electrical outlet strip U.L.-C.S.A. approved 110-120 volt U.S.A. (220-240 volt export).





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