Qiagen QIAxcel Electrophoresis System

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Offering fast, precise and reliable results, this capillary electrophoresis system and corresponding kits provide flexibility and unmatched ease-of-use. Traditional gel analysis of DNA and RNA is cost- and labor-intensive, but the fully automated QIAxcel Advanced is a one-step electrophoresis system providing flexible throughput, sensitive detection, high resolution and short time to the size distribution quality check of your nucleic samples.



  • Process up to 96 samples unattended per run
  • Fast processing: 12 samples in 3–10 min
  • Size range from 10 bp – 10 kb and gDNA of different sizes
  • High resolution of 3–5 bp up to 500 bp 
  • Sample input amounts < 0.1 µl
  • Limit of detection of 0.1 ng/µl

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