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*011-0010 High Precision X, Y, Z Stage

  • The design of the stage enables high-speed operation and ensures accurate sample deposition and reproducible spot allocation. It comprises linear drives for X and Y movements and a spindle drive for Z movements.
  • Positioning Performance:
  • Resolution (adjustable, software controlled): 1 um
  • Accuracy: <‡ 10 um (Absolute Position)
  • Precision: <‡2 um (Repeat Position)
  • The specifications are valid for the following conditions:
  • Temperature range: 18 – 28 °C
  • Temperature stability (environment): ‡ 1 K Machine temperature (after pre warm period: ‡ 1 K
  • Speed: 150 cm/sec
  • Dimensions (l/w/h): 137/58/47 cm; Weight: 135 kg
  • Overall travel (mm): x=1143; y=115
  • Spottable area (mm): x=905; y= 1 13.5

*F011-0020 Piezo Driver Electronics

  • Supports up to 8 piezo dispense capillaries (PDC) and piezo dispense pens (PDP). Each PDC is activated, configured and controlled individually. This includes freely adjustable voltage, pulse width, frequency and number of drops per position. In addition, each PDC has an ultrasonic self-cleaning mode.

*5011-0040 Wash Station

  • Chemically inert wash chamber enables each PDC to be washed separately with aid of ultrasonics. The wash solution is supplied by a high-quality peristaltic pump.

*F011-0050 Dispense Control Station

  • Includes high-resolution optical components, a stroboscope LED and a horizontally mounted CCD camera. The station can assist optimization of the dispense parameters. In combination with Drop Control’ and the respective Upgrade to Volume Control’ the automated control of the dispense performance during operation will be enabled.

*011-0060 Tray Station

  • Chemically inert PIFE tray with a single 1.8ml chamber. Can be filled with additional sciCLEAN wash solutions.

*F011-0070 200 ul Reaction Vessel Holder

  • Accommodates up to 4 individual 200ul reaction vessels. Can be used as source for single samples or additional wash solutions.

*F011-0080 Environmental Enclosure

  • Lockable transparent hood, fully enclosing the stage.
  • Dimensions (l/w/h): 150/69/55 cm; Weight: 42 kg

*F011-0090 Instrument Control Software

  • The intuitive control software provides a fully automatic workflow.
  • It comprises a flexible scripting interface and visual control of the instrument settings and performance as well as live video image of the dispense control station.
  • The software comes with a library of tasks and runs which ensure the functionality of the device. The included Task Creator allows creation and modification of tasks.

*F011-0100 PC with 17″ LCD-monitor.

  • PC system running Windows XP Pro.

*011-0110 CD

  • User Manuals in PDF format
  • Demo and Training Software
  • Enables the simulation of runs for training or process development and the demonstration of software options.

*F011-2080 Liquid Handling Channel

  • Supplies the fluidics for one PDC. Includes a syringe pump, valve, syringe and all related fittings and tubings. Each Liquid Handling Channel is supplied and controlled individually.

*P-2030 PDC 70 Piezo Dispense Capillary

  • S5, 11, SX, DW, S3 (4x manifold)
  • Fixed drop volume between 300-360 pl

*S-6070 PDC Coating Type 2

  • Can enhance performance for spotting of samples containing organic solvents like DMSO, DMF etc.
  • Nozzle No.: 17065, 17188, 17016, 17463, 15641

*F011-9110 Online Target Alignment Suite

  • (Requires microscope with CCD camera) Recommended for multiple complex target geometries (e.g. biosensors, microstructures). Allows the user to write fully customized recognition and alignment routines.
  • Comprises the following software modules:
    • F011-1210 Find Target Array
    • F011-1230 Find Target Reference Points
    • F011-1240 Target Reference Points to Spots

*F011-2040 Source & Target Plate Holder for one 384 well plate, coolable

*F011-2066Vacuum Pump

  • Clean room compatible. Suction capacity 4 m’/h, final pressure 70 mbar, typical noise level 45 BA, ambient temperature range (operation) 10-40°C weight 11 kg. Available for 110/220V, 50/60 Hz.

*F011-2100 Cooling Unit (PC controlled)

  • Provides active cooling of the source plate module and/or the slide holder.
  • Minimum temperature: -20°C. Controlled by Instrument Control Software. (Mandatory for Dew Point Control)

*F011-2110 Humidity Control

  • The package consists of a state-of-the-art humidifier and a humidity and temperature sensor, The humidity inside the provided hood will be regulated at any value 10% above room humidity up to a maximum of 75% (PC controlled).
  • Noncondensing conditions required during operation of the instrument.

*F011-2120 Head camera incl. coaxial illumination

  • Vertically mounted B/W CCD camera for optical control and data acquisition of the targets. The camera is equipped with a coaxial illumination. It is mounted on the dispense head, connected to the PC and supported by the instrument control software.
  • Useful for pre- and post-spotting processes (e.g. detection of structures for automated target recognition). Manual control (Target Position) is included in the price. Other applications on request. The appropriate camera type and the light source depends on the target. If necessary, the camera / light source must be changed. This could lead to additional costs. Other cameras (e.g. color, other magnifications) on request. Resolution (768 × 576 pxl or 6.4 × 4.7 mm)
  • Scienion offers a solution for customer target recognition.

*F011-1020 Drop Control

  • This fool provides automatic recognition of the dispensed drop and enables the control of the dispense performance during operation. It further regulates the speed of the drop, thereby stabilizing the printing process.

*F011-1030 Upgrade to Volume Control

  • In addition to automatic recognition of the dispensed drop, this tool regulates the volume of the drop, ensuring maximum stability of the dispense process and comparability between different runs.

*F011-1040 Dew point control

  • A special software calculates the dew point depending on humidity and temperature in the hood and regulates the temperature of the source plate holder to prevent condensation.

*F011-1250 Online Array QC Software (requires microscope with CCD camera)

  • Imaging and Image analysis software. Image(s) of the target area will be automatically analyzed for roundness of spots, missing spots and positional accuracy of spots. Inter and intra array spot analysis. Graphical and numerical reports.

*F011-1251 Scan Spot Area

  • Moves the camera over the spot area and makes an image either of the entire target or only the spotted fields.
  • Alternatively, locations to be imaged can be defined. Multiple images can be stitched to give a single image.

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