Shimadzu LCMS-8040 System with Nexera UHPLC LC/MS System

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The LCMS-8040 features ultra-fast multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) transitions, enabling data acquisition with up to 555 different channels per second. The electronics provide ultrafast mass spectrum measurement speeds of 15,000 u/sec without sacrificing sensitivity or resolution, and ultra-fast polarity switching (15msec) for the most information without signal deterioration. Patented UFsweeper II technology accelerates ions out of the collision cell by forming a pseudo-potential surface. The result is high-efficiency collision-induced dissociation (CID) and ultra-fast ion transport, reducing the sensitivity losses and cross talk observed on other systems. In addition, higher radio frequency (RF) power capability minimizes pauses between each transition. The LCMS-8040 Software includes unified control of LC and MS components providing seamless operation of the entire LCMS system, unmatched qualitative and quantitative analysis, increased productivity, and accelerated workflows for high throughput data analysis. MRM Synchronization optimizes MRM cycle times for overlapping retention time windows and helps to simplify method development and routine analysis with multiple MRM experiments. In the Quantitation Browser, peak information, quantitative results, and statistical calculations of a series of data can be rapidly viewed in a single window.


  • LCMS-8040 Triple Quadrupole Mass Detector
  • DGU-20AR5 Five-Channel Vacuum Degasser (2 qty)
  • Nexera LC-30AD High Pressure HPLC Pump (2 qty)
  • Nexera LPGE-30 Valve (2 qty)
  • Nexera LC-30AD Micro Mixer, 20 uL
  • Nexera SIL-30AC Autosampler
  • CBM-20A W/ Network Switch
  • Nexera Rack Changer II
  • 5 mL Vial Rack Set for Rack Changer
  • CTO-20A Column Oven
  • FCV-34AH 6-position, 7-port High Pressure Switching Valve
  • Nitrogen Generator for LCMS, Peak NM32LA with power transformer
  • Reservoir Tray (2 qty)
  • Advanced Data Station Dell PC, 24″ LCD Monitor
  • LabSolutions Software

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