Siemens Viva Pro E System (6003-760) Endotoxing Testing System

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The Viva-ProE System with EMIT technology assists in optimizing your facility’s drug-testing performance by delivering efficient results in a compact bench-top design. The Viva-ProE System is a flexible new approach to dedicated drug testing analysis, enabling greater ease of use, workstation efficiency, and a full drug testing menu all in one powerful system.



  • Improves workflow through convenient onboard waste and water storage
  • Touchscreen monitor with next-generation software enables ease of use for improved laboratory efficiency
  • 50 samples and 12 auxiliary positions enhance walkaway time and help reduce errors
  • Peltier cooling for reagent stability and performance
  • Builds on proven reliability, with robust, long-life components that reduce user maintenance and limit periodic maintenance visits to one per year
  • Complete menu for drugs-of-abuse and validity testing and serum toxicology






  • Up to 133 EMIT tests per hour with two reagents
  • Up to 65 EMIT tests per hour with three reagents


Reagent system:


  • EMIT reagent rotor with 13 positions for 14 mL bottles and 13 positions for 28 mL bottles
  • All positions in both rotors can be assigned as R1, R2, and R3
  • Reagent rotor compartment is cooled to 8–12°C (absolute up to 25°C ambient temperature)
  • Reagent volumes:
    • Reagent 1 volume 110–399 μL
    • Reagent 2 volume 10–289 μL
    • Reagent 3 volume 10–289 μL
  • Aspirated reagents are heated, with level detector and integrated stirrer


Sample system:


  • Semi-continuous loading
  • Sample rotor contains:
    • 50 positions for barcoded tubes
    • 12 positions for tubes without barcodes
    • 1 blank and 1 washing position

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