Sorvall RC-3B Plus Floor Low Speed Centrifuge

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The Sorvall RC 3B Plus high capicity centrifuge offers reliable performance run after run with its large capacity, low-heat operation, and CFC-free refrigeration system. The model provides a range of innovative features including dial controls used for setting run parameters, an analog display for easy readout, dial-control deceleration, and overspeed protection. Equipped with a built-in temperature indicator, the Sorvall RC 3B Plus centrifuge is capable of indicating chamber temperature from -20°C to +40°C in 1°C increments. This Sorvall centrifuge features a speed indicator which gives continuous and accurate direct readout of rotor speed. The RC 3B Plus system is also equipped with a brake switch, door light, run light, and over temperature light to ensure easy and economical operation.


  • Dimensions: 40 x 30 x 48 in (top of panel, 37 in for top of deck)
  • Rotor Chamber Diameter: 23 in
  • Weight: 678 lbs
  • Maximum Rotor Capacity: 6 x 1400 mL
  • Maximum Speed: 6000 rpm
  • Maximum Force: 7200 g
  • Speed Control: 150 rpm – 6000 rpm
  • Speed Control Range: 100 rpm increments
  • Speed Control Accuracy: +/- 20 rpm or 1%
  • Imbalance Detector: 50 gram tolerance
  • Temperature Control Range: -0.2 to 3.0A
  • Temperature Control Accuracy: +/- 3˚C of set temperature
  • Operating Temperature Range: 20˚C to 40˚C
  • Overtemperature Protection: 7˚C above pre-set
  • Timer: 0 to 30 minutes with hold 1 minute increments

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