Sorvall RC-5B Plus Floor Super Speed Centrifuge

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The Sorvall RC-5B Plus Superspeed is a high-speed centrifuge designed with simplicity of operation and durability for intensive use. With its user-friendly controls, set-up is made simple even for inexperienced users, speeding up parameter setting and minimizing errors. The RC-5B also comes with unparalleled flexibility as it carries the industry’s widest range of rotors – from fixed angle to continuous flow types. The RC-5B Plus provides reliable, dependable operation. Its durable, high capacity refrigeration system maintains precise operating temperatures without the need for a vacuum. Additionally, the RC-5B Plus direct drive motors, with no belts or gears, reduce maintenance and system noise. The patented gyro system also protects the drive from damage should rotor imbalance occur.


  • Maximum Speed: 21000 rpm
  • Speed Range: 500 – 21000 rpm
  • Maximum RCF: 51,430 xg
  • Maximum Capacity: 4 x 1000 mL
  • Accel/decel Rates: 1 acceleration, 2 deceleration
  • Speed Control Accuracy: ±1% or 100 rpm, whichever is greater
  • Temperature Set Range: -20 to +40 °C
  • Temperature Control: +2 to +37 °C at maximum rotor speed
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±2 °C
  • Ambient Temperature Range: 15 – 38 °C
  • Dimensions: 45 in. x 39 in. x 30 in. top of control panel
  • Dimensions: 45 in. x 39 in. x 36 in. top of deck
  • Weight: 608 lbs

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