Taylor Wharton 34 HC Cryo Storage Tank

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The HC Series Liquid Nitrogen Systems are designed for storing large quantities of a variety of materials at cryogenic temperatures. They provide temperatures of -196ºC at the liquid surface and -190ºC at the canister top.


Static Holding Days(1): 200
Working Time Days(2):
Evaporation Rate(1):
0.17 liters per days
Liquid Nitrogen Capacity:
34 liters
Weight Empty:
35.38 lbs. / 16.1 kg
Weight Full(3):
95.9 lbs. / 43.6 kg
Neck Diameter:
3.6″ / 91mm
Overall Height:
26.31″ / 668mm
Overall Diameter:
18.8″ / 478mm

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