Thermo Scientific Finnigan LXQ Mass Spectrometer

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The Finnigan LTQ represents the latest advancement in the well-established Finnigan ion trap mass spectrometers. With its innovative design elements such as a hyperbolic segmented linear ion trap, dual detectors, radial ion ejection, and state-of-the-art electronics, the Finnigan LTQ revolutionizes performance. These combined features enable a greater number of experiments, resulting in broader coverage using less sample and reduced time.

Incorporating the robust Ion Max source (not included), the Finnigan LTQ allows for effortless switching of ionization probes. The exceptional ion transmission achieved by the Ion Max source, coupled with the expanded ion storage capacity of the linear ion trap, novel ion ejection and detection technology, establishes the Finnigan LTQ as the most highly sensitive LC/MSn instrument currently available.


Voltage: 220V

Hertz: 50Hz/60Hz

Weight: 315 lbs

Dimensions: 37 × 42 × 32 in

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