Velsson Innomet Chip Reader *NEW* Concentrator

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The chip concentration meter is a product developed by VELSSON, based on microfluidic chip technology and using ultraviolet spectrophotometry. It is capable of efficiently and sensitively detecting concentrations of DNA, RNA and proteins (antibodies) in quantitative analysis. 

Product Features:

  • High Throughput: 24 samples
  • Low Sample Input: 5-15 µL per well
  • Rapid Detection: Complete testing and reporting output in 3-10 minutes
  • Precision Results: High linearity with standard concentrations
  • High Integration: Compact layout, efficient space utilization
  • Intelligent Guidance: Graphical operation instructions, no additional training needed
  • Easy Operation: No complex preparation, test upon sample load-ing and on-demand testing
  • All-in-one Operation: Supports batch sample loading, full automation of the sampling process, supports upstream and downstream automatic expansion


  • Equipment size: 35*26*21 (cm) / 14*10*8 (inches)
  • Testing method: Absorbance
  • Chip format: 24 channel testing
  • Testing range: BSA 0.1-40µg/µL, nucleic acid 50-4000ng/ µL
  • Testing time: 3-10 mins/chips
  • Repeatability error: <2%
  • Light source: LED
  • Wavelength range: 230/260/280nm
  • Humidity: <85%
  • Chip type: RNA, DNA & Protein
  • Detection pore diameter: 2.4mm
  • Detection accuracy: 3%
  • Detector: Solid-state semiconductor sensor
  • Reading method: Base
  • Temperature: Room temperature
  • Hardware interface: Open API

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