Virtis 25L Genesis SQ EL-85 Bulk Drying Lyophilizer

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Compact, freestanding, mobile design. Easy scale-up from research to full production. Available with a Wizard 2.0 or LyoS™ control system. Optional hydraulic stoppering system available. Narrow and cleanroom configurations available with 8-inch vapor port.


Lowest shelf temp. (50 Hz / 60 Hz): ≤ -67°C / -70°C

Shelf temp. control range: -55 to 65°C

Shelf pull-down from 20°C to -40°C†: ≤ 30 minutes

Lowest condenser temp. (50 Hz/60 Hz): ≤ -82°C / -85°C

Maximum condenser capacity: ≥ 25 L

Maximum deposition rate: r ≥ 0.5 L/hour

Number of compressors: 2

Compressor horsepower: 1 hp, 1 hp

Vacuum time to 100 mTorr: ≤ 20 minutes

Vacuum rate of rise: ≤ 30 mT/hour

Lowest system vacuum: ≤ 15 mT

Temperature uniformity: ± 1.0°C

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