Waters Acquity TUV Detector (186015028) UPLC TUV Detector

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The ACQUITY UPLC TUV Detector is a tunable, dual wavelength ultraviolet/visible (UV/Vis) detector that offers optimal linearity, resolution, and sensitivity for UPLC/UV separations.  It features uniquely designed, patented, light-guiding flow cell technology, low-noise performance (6 μAU), and support for data rates up to 80 Hz.  The ACQUITY UPLC TUV Detector, coupled with our innovative ACQUITY UPLC Column chemistries and separations modules, leverages ultra-low dwell volume and low-noise, high-speed detection to bring productivity, sensitivity, and resolution that are unprecedented in HPLC techniques being used in the laboratory today.



  • Wavelength range: 190 to 700 nm
  • Wavelength accuracy: ±1 nm
  • Linearity range: Deviation at 2.5 AU ≤5%, propylparaben, at 257 nm
  • Baseline noise:6 x 10^-3 AU, at 230 nm, 10 mm shunt cell, 1.0 second filter time constant
  • Drift: ≤5.0 x 10^-4 AU/hour/°C at 230 nm
  • Sampling rate: Up to 80 points/s
  • Unattended operation: Leak sensors, full diagnostic data captured through console software
  • Light source: Prealigned, intelligent technology Deuterium lamp
  • Flow cell design: Light-guiding UPLC flow cell with intelligent chip technology
  • Path length: 10 mm (analytical flow cell)
  • Cell volume: 500 nL (analytical flow cell)
  • Pressure limit: 1000 psi (all flow cells)
  • Wetted materials: 316 stainless steel, fused silica, Teflon AF, PEEK (analytical flow cell)
  • Optical bandwidth: 5 nm

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