Wave Biotech BASE 2050EH Bioreactor

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  • Disposable Presterile Bioreactor Chamber
  • Fit Cellbags: 2x2L, 2x10L, 1x20L with KIT20 or 2x22L, 1X50L with KIT50
  • Completely closed system
  • Operate inside an incubator or on the benchtop



  • Electric Rocker Base for 20/50EHT
  • Digital temperature control




Monoclonal antibodies

The WAVE Bioreactor system has been used extensively for monoclonal antibody production. Culture can be started at low volume and then fresh media added whenever the cell count is sufficiently high. This enables inoculum scale up without transfers. Batches ranging from 100ml to 500L have been run with cell densities over 10×106 cells/ml and productivity and product quality comparable to stirred tank bioreactors. Dissolved oxygen concentrations are not limiting and remain above 50% saturation.


Anchorage-dependent cells

Agitation in the WAVE Bioreactor system is powerful enough to mix and aeratethe culture. Yet it is gentle enough to cultivate anchorage-dependent cells on various microcarriers. The wave motion prevents setting and provides oxygenation without bubbles.


Virus production

The WAVE Bioreactor system provides a closed system that is ideal for virus production. In a gene therapy application, human 293 cells have been grown in suspension and then infected with recombinant adenovirus. Cells grew to 4×106 cells/ml and virus production was 1×105 virus particles/cell. The WAVE Bioreactor system produces viruses under complete containment without the need for biosafety cabinet.


Insect cell / Baculovirus

The high oxygen supply capability of the WAVE Bioreactor system makes it ideal for insect cell culture.Cell densities over 9×106 are routinely achieved. Baculovirus yields are higher than with conventional bioreactors. The WAVE Bioreactor system is extremely easy to operate and inoculum scale-up and infection can be done inside the bioreactor, reducing the need for transfers.

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