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FluorChem SP Gel Imaging System

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 FluorChem SP Gel Imaging SystemImage Coming Soon

FluorChem SP Gel Imaging System

Cambridge Scientific ID #: 23904



Features for the Photometrics Cool SNAP K4: 

  • 20-MHz readout: High-speed, high-sensitivity image capture
  • 2048 x 2048 imaging array: Resolves fine detail
  • 7.4 x 7.4-ìm pixels: Ideally matched to optical microscope
  • Interline-transfer, progressive-scan CCD: Eliminates camera vibration and facilitates fast triggering
  • Flexible binning and readout: Increases light sensitivity while increasing the frame rate
  • 12-bit digitization: Quantifies bright and dim signals in the same image
  • Thermoelectric cooling: Long integration times for higher sensitivity
  • Enhanced quantum efficiency: Provides higher sensitivity than typical interline cameras
  • C-mount: Easily attaches to microscopes, standard lenses, or optical equipment
  • Acquisition software: Captures, analyzes, and saves high-resolution images
  • PCI interface: High-bandwidth, uninterrupted data transfer
  • PVCam, Circular buffers, Device sequencing: Supported by numerous third-party software packages, Real-time focus, Precise integration with shutters, filter wheels, etc. (Compatible with Windows XP/Vista 32, Mac OS X, and Linux (kernel versions 2.4 and 2.6.8))
  • CCD image sensor: Kodak KAI-4020M; interline-transfer, progressive-scan device with microlenses
  • CCD format: 2048 x 2048 imaging array, 7.4 x 7.4-um pixels, 15.16 x 15.16-mm imaging area (optically centered)
  • Linear full well: 30,000 e- (single pixel); 60,000 e- (2 x 2 binned pixel)
  • Read noise: ≤10 e- rms @ 20 MHz
  • Nonlinearity: <1%
  • Digitizer type: 12 bits @ 20 MHz
  • CCD temperature: -25ͦC (regulated)
  • Dark current : 0.1 e-/p/s @ -25ͦC
  • Operating environment: 0 to 30ͦC ambient, 0 to 80% relative humidity noncondensing
  • I/O TTL (trigger/status): trigger, invert, inhibit, exposing, interline shift, frame readout, 8-bit TTL (programmable), 8-bit DACs(two)

Compare this against “Features of Gel Doc XRS+ system”: 

  • Chemiluminescence: Yes
  • Fluorescence: Yes
  • Colorimetry/densitometry: Yes
  • Gel documentation: Yes  

Hardware Specifications        

  • Maximum sample size: 28 x 36 cm
  • Maximum image area: 26X 35 cm
  • Excitation source: Trans-UV and epi-white are standard (302 nm included, with 254 and 365 nm available as options)
  • Illumination control: 3 modes (trans-UV, trans white, epi-white)
  • Detector: super cooled CCD
  • Image resolution: 4 megapixels
  • Pixel size (H x V): 6.45 x 6.45 µm
  • Filter holder: 3 positions (2 for filters, 1 without filter)
  • Emission filters: 1 included (standard), 3 optional
  • Dynamic range: >4.0 orders of magnitude
  • Pixel density (gray levels): 65,535
  • Dynamic flat fielding: Application specific, for all applications
  • Instrument size (L x W x H): 36 x 60 x 96 cm
  • Instrument weight: 32 kg

 Operating Ranges         

  • Operating voltage: 110/115/230 V AC nominal
  • Operating temperature: 10–28°C (21°C recommended)
  • Operating humidity: <70% noncondensing

 Automation Capabilities            

  • Workflow automated selection: Application driven; user selected or recalled by a protocol
  • Workflow automated execution: Controlled by a protocol via application specific setup for image area, illumination source, filter, analysis, and reporting
  • Workflow reproducibility: 100% repeatability via recallable protocols; from image capture to quantitative analysis and reports
  • Autofocus: Precalibrated focus for any zoom setting or sample height
  • Image flat fielding: Dynamic; precalibrated and optimized per application
  • Autoexposure: 2 user-defined modes (intense or faint bands)
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