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Alpha Innotech AlphaImager EP Gel Imaging System

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Alpha Innotech AlphaImager EP Gel Imaging System

Alpha Innotech AlphaImager EP Gel Imaging System

Cambridge Scientific ID #: 14467

Includes Computer Loaded w/ Software


This system provides a high resolution, fully computer controlled camera, and comes with the newly engineered MultiImage I light cabinet, which allows for a wide variety of fluorescent applications.  The AlphaImager EP, a new addition to the AlphaImager family of imaging systems, is designed to address the needs of budget conscious labs that demand high performance and quality in their UV and white light applications.


The new MultiImage I cabinet features a pull-out 302nm/365nm UV transilluminator with high/low settings, allowing excitation of multiple fluorescent dyes, as well as side white lights for easy focusing. To prevent accidental exposure to UV light, a safety switch automatically shuts off the UV light when the system door is open. The system footprints at 18.5” by 14.5”, making it ideal for labs with limited space.  The AlphaImager EP system is customizable for different fluorescent dyes, including Ethidium Bromide, SYBR Green and SYBR Safe. For colorimetric applications, the scientist has the option to select a fold down white light table to back-illuminate absorption samples such as Coomassie stained and silver stained gels.



  • Camera Type: CCD
  • Pixel Resolution: 1360X1024
  • Dynamic Range: 12 bit
  • Filter Wheel: 3 Position
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