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Used Lab Equipment

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Andor Technology Zyla 5.5 USB Water Cooled sCMOS *NEW* Microscope Camera

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Andor Technology Zyla 5.5 USB Water Cooled sCMOS *NEW* Microscope Camera

Andor Technology Zyla 5.5 USB Water Cooled sCMOS *NEW* Microscope Camera

Cambridge Scientific ID #: 16877

Andor’s Zyla sCMOS camera platform offers high speed, high sensitivity and high resolution imaging performance. The remarkably light and compact, thermoelectrically-cooled design, integrates perfectly into both laboratory and OEM applications alike. Zyla is ideally suited to many cutting-edge experiments that push the boundaries of speed and sensitivity. The unprecedented value and flexibility of the Zyla means it is also redefining the concept of a ‘workhorse’ camera, rapidly displacing interline CCDs as the gold standard microscope detector. A highly cost effective USB 3.0 available representing the ideal performance upgrade for any lab.


  • Sensor Type: Front Illuminated Scientific CMOS
  • Active Pixels: 2560 x 2160 (5.5 Megapixel)
  • Sensor Size: 16.6 x 14.0 mm (21.8 mm diagonal)
  • Pixel Readout Rate (MHz): 200 (100 MHz x 2 sensor halves). 560 (280 MHz x 2 sensor halves)
  • Read Noise (e-):
  • Rolling Shutter: 200 MHz 0.9 [1.2], 560 MHz 1.2[1.6]
  • Global Shutter: 200 MHz 2.3[2.5], 560 MHz 2.4[2.6]
  • Maximum Quantum Efficiency •3: 60%
  • Sensor Operating Temperature:
  • Water Cooled: -10ºC*
  • Dark Current, e-/pixel/sec @ min temp •4:
  • Water Cooled: 0.019
  • Readout Modes: Rolling Shutter and Global Shutter (Snapshot)
  • Maximum Dynamic Range: 33,000:1
  • Photon Response Non-Uniformity (PRNU):
  • Half-light Range: < 0.01%
  • Low-light Range: <0.1%
  • Pre-defined Region of Interest: 2048 x 2048, 1920 x 1080, 1392 x 1040, 512 x 512, 128 x 128
  • User Defined ROI (Granularity): Yes (1 pixel) **
  • Pixel Size (W x H): 6.5 μm
  • Pixel Well Depth (e-): 30,000
  • Linearity (%, maximum) •5
  • Full-light Range: Better than 99.8%
  • Low-light Range (< 1000 electrons signal): Better than 99.9%
  • MTF (Nyquist @ 555 nm): 45%
  • Anti-blooming Factor: x 10,000
  • Hardware Timestamp Accuracy: 25 ns
  • Internal Memory: 1 GB
  • Data Range: 12-bit (fastest USB 3.0 speeds) and 16-bit (maximum dynamic range)
  • Interface Options: USB 3.0 •9 Camera Link 10-tap
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