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Used Lab Equipment

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Andor Technology iXon Ultra 888 BVF USB3 EMCCD *NEW* Microscope Camera

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Andor Technology iXon Ultra 888 BVF USB3 EMCCD *NEW* Microscope Camera

Andor Technology iXon Ultra 888 BVF USB3 EMCCD *NEW* Microscope Camera

Cambridge Scientific ID #: 16875

The highly innovative, megapixel, camera offers single photon sensitivity across a large field of view, at 26 fps. Building on a rich history of first to market innovation, the ‘supercharged’ iXon Ultra 888, represents a massive performance boost for the largest available EMCCD sensor, as well as the first USB 3.0 enabled EMCCD camera. The iXon Ultra 888 has been fundamentally re-engineered to facilitate a 3x acceleration of the pixel readout speed to an unprecedented 30 MHz, whilst maintaining quantitative stability, propelling the full frame performance to video rate. Designed to be the most flexible yet easy to use EMCCD on the market, optimizable for a wide variety of application requirements in a single click via the OptAcquire™ feature. Crucially, the iXon brand carries an outstanding reputation within the industry for quality and reliability, brandishing an unparalleled track record of minimal field failures.



  • Sensor QE: Back-illuminated, standard AR coated with fringe suppression
  • Active Pixels: 1024 x 1024
  • Pixel Size: 13 x 13 μm
  • Image Area: 13.3 x 13.3 mm with 100% Fill Factor
  • Pixel Readout Rate:
  • Minimum Temperature, air cooled, ambient 20°C: 10 MHz -80ºC, 30 MHz•3 -60ºC
  • Chiller Liquid Cooling, coolant @ 10°C, >0.75l/min: 10 MHz -95ºC, 30 MHz•3 -75ºC
  • Thermostatic Precision: ± 0.01°C
  • Triggering: Internal, External, External Start, External Exposure, Software Trigger
  • System Window Type:
  • #BV and BVF: UV-grade fused silica, Broadband Visible-Near Infrared, 0.5 degree wedge
  • UVB, #EX, EXF: UV-grade fused silica, Broadband Vacuum Ultraviolet-Near Infrared, 0.5 degree wedge
  • Digitization: 16-bit (at all speeds)
  • PC Interface: USB 3.0•12
  • Lens Mount: C-mount
  • Direct Data: Access Camera Link 3-tap output
  • Dark Current and Background Events•4,5:
  • Dark Current (e- /pixel/sec) @ -80°C: 0.00025
  • Dark Current (e- /pixel/sec) @ max cooling: 0.00011
  • Spurious Background (events/pix) @ 1000x gain / -85°C: 0.005
  • Active Area Pixel Well Depth: 80,000 e-
  • Gain Register Pixel Well Depth•76: 730,000 e-
  • Linearity•8: Better than 99.9%
  • Vertical Clock Speed: 0.6 to 4.33 µs (user selectable)
  • Timestamp Accuracy: 10 ns















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