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Used Lab Equipment

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Applied Biosystems 3730XL DNA Sequencer

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Applied Biosystems 3730XL DNA Sequencer

Applied Biosystems 3730XL DNA Sequencer

Cambridge Scientific ID #: 7164


  • Applied Biosystems 3730XL
  • 96-Capillary
  • Computer w/ Pre-loaded existing software
  • Data Collections 3.0
  • Warranty Period: 90 days
  • Installation on site



  • Laser: Argon-ion multi line, single mode laser: primary excitation lines 488 and 515.5nm
  • Oven Temp: 18°C to 70°C
  • Sample Volumes: 384 well plates = 5-30µl / 96 well plates = 10-50µl
  • Plate Seal: Septa or Polypropylene heat seal
  • Operating Environment: 18°C - 30°C, Humidity = 20 to 80%
  • Capillary Array Lengths: 36 cm or 50 cm
  • Capillary Dimensions: 150 5m o.d. / 50 5m i.d.
  • Polymer Consumption
    • 36cm: approx. 200µl per run
    • 50cm: approx. 250µl per run

ABI 3730xl DNA Sequencer         

  • Optics
    • In-capillary detection by dual-side illumination.
    • Multiple fiter sets: Z, E, G5, G5-RCT, Any4Dyeset, Any5Dyeset and S (optional)
    • Backside thinned CCD for maximum optical sensitivity
  • Capillaries
    • Choice of capillary lengths, 36cm or 50cm
    • Dimensions: 150µm o.d./50µm i.d.
  • Reagent Handling
    • Automated polymer replenishment pump for increase throughput
    • POP-7 performance robust polymer separation matrix
    • 5 sequencing run modules, 1 fragment analysis run and SNPlex run module
    • On-board reagents for up to 48-hours of unattended operation
  • Performance Per Run Type  
    • LongSeq: 1152 samples per day (980 Kbases)
    • StdSeq: 2304 samples per day (1550 Kbases)
    • FastSeq: 2304 samples per day (1600 Kbases)
    • RapidSeq: 3840 samples per day (2100 Kbases)
    • GeneMapper Software
      • 4224 samples per day (92,000 genotypes)
      • 36 cm, up to 500 bp resolution with 0.15 bp sizing precision in 34 minutes


Power Requirements       

  • Voltage: 200-220 volt or 230-240 volt

System Dimensions        

  • Width 100 cm
  • Depth 73 cm
  • Height 89 cm
  • Weight 180 kg
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