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BioTek Synergy 2 SLFP Multimode Microplate Reader

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BioTek Synergy 2 SLFP Multimode Microplate Reader

BioTek Synergy 2 SLFP Multimode Microplate Reader

Cambridge Scientific ID #: 15605


  • Computer loaded with software Gen5 Data Analysis Software
  • Synergy 2 base model.  Includes temperature control to 65ºC, Shaking
  • Luminescence
  • Fluorescence Intensity top and bottom, Alpha detection.  Includes Tungsten-Halogen light source.,
  • Fluorescence Polarization


The Synergy 2 is BioTek's high-performance multi-mode plate reader designed for the life science research and drug discovery markets. Its fluorescence detection system uses deep blocking filters and dichroic mirrors for the best level of performance in research and screening applications. The dedicated absorbance detection system is monochromator-based, providing the best level of flexibility in this read mode. And, by utilizing dedicated optical elements for each individual detection technique, Synergy 2 offers uncompromised performance and the lowest limits of detection.


  • Unique Optical System: a narrow band monochromator, optimized filter/dichroic mirror pairing, and three broad spectrum light sources achieve superior performance in all read modes
  • Compatible with Take3 Micro-Volume Plate: sixteen 2 µL microspots for low volume DNA/RNA 260 nm measurements. Saves precious samples, very fast and simple process.
  • High Sensitivity: dedicated optical elements optimized for each specific modality result in the lowest limits of detection available in one compact instrument
  • Modular Design: purchase only what you need and easily upgrade later as experimental requirements expand
  • High Throughput: optimized for screening assays including 1536-well read mode
  • Wide Range of Applications: with built-in temperature control, shaking, and optional dual reagent injector, virtually any microplate-based application is possible



  • Screening assays
  • Binding assays
  • Ion channel assays
  • Quantitative assays (DNA, protein)
  • Kinetic assays
  • Gene expression assays (GFP, Luciferase)
  • ELISA assays
  • Cell proliferation, Cytotoxicity



  • Wavelength Range: 200-999nm, 1nm increments
  • Bandpass: 2.4nm
  • Dynamic Range: 0 - 4.0 O.D.
  • Detection Method: Fluorescence, Absorbance, Luminescence,
  • Microplate Capacity: 1 to 384 well plates and PCR plates
  • Filter Arrangement: 5-cavity wheel; 405, 450, 490 and 630 nm supplied
  • Scanning Speed: 96 well in 30 sec
  • Resolution: 0.001 O.D.
  • Pathlength Correction: Yes
  • Monochromator Wavelength Accuracy/Repeatability: ±2nm/±0.2nm
  • O.D. Accuracy: <1% at 2.0 O.D. typical or <3% at 3.0 O.D. typical



  • O.D. Linearity: <1% from 0 to 3.0 O.D. typical
  • O.D. Repeatability: <0.5% at 2.0 O.D. typical
  • Stray Light: 0.03% at 230nm typical
  • Reading Speed 96: 11 seconds; 384: 22 seconds; 1536: 42 seconds


Fluorescence Intensity

  • Sensitivity: Fluorescein 1pM typical
  • Wavelength Range: 200-700nm (900nm option)
  • Dynamic Range: >6 decades



  • Sensitivity: 30 amol ATP typical (flash)
  • Wavelength Range: 300-700nm
  • Dynamic Range: >6 decades



  • Depth (English): 17.5 in.
  • Depth (Metric): 44.5cm
  • Measurement Speed: 96 wells: 11 seconds; 384 wells: 22 seconds; 1536 wells: 42 seconds
  • Dynamic Range: 0 to 4.0 O.D.
  • Height (English): 14.5 in.
  • Height (Metric): 37.3cm
  • Resolution: 0.001 O.D.
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