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Erlab Captair 633 Smart *New* Ductless Fume Hood

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Erlab Captair 633 Smart *New* Ductless Fume Hood

Erlab Captair 633 Smart *New* Ductless Fume Hood

Cambridge Scientific ID #: 15594

Options include 63", 39", 48", and 71" models


**All units come as a shell without work surface or stand, as these are all options.**


Filters Options:

  • Pre-Filter: Pre-Filter cleansing
  • AS : Organic
  • BE+: Acids, inorganics, organics, and solvents
  • HP (HEPA): Particulates
  • F: Formaldehyde
  • K: Amines (Ammonia)



  • Smart-Light: When the light is pulsing: indicates that containment is compromised, or there is filter breakthrough, or there is a fan failure
  • Filtration technology: 3 columns that can be configured to handle liquids, powders, or both
  • Carbon filtration for gases and vapours: Depending on the filtration column configuration (see table above)
  • Particulate filtration for powders: Depending on the filtration column configuration (see table above)
  • eGuard app (Android or iOS): For remote control to monitor the hood status, change the settings, and deliver safety alerts immediately to your devices (mobile, tablet and PC)
  • Internal lighting: LED lighting > 650 Lux
  • Anemometer: Hot-wire anemometer will alarm if the face velocity decreases
  • Chemical Listing: List of most commonly used chemicals (NIOSH) and their retention capacity by our filters



  • Safety Standards: AFNOR NF X 15-211:2009: France - BS 7989: England; DIN 12 927:Germany - EN 1822:1998 (HEPA H14 & ULPA U17 Filters) - CE Marking
  • Air Flow: 660 m3/h / 388 CFM
  • Air Face Velocity:4 to 0.6 m/s / 79 fpm to 118 fpm
  • Voltage/Frequency: 90 - 220V / 50-60Hz
  • Power consumption: 160 W
  • Sash openings: Adjustable sash provides an ergonomic position for the user when using large equipment without compromising containment
  • Structure: Corrosion resistant electro-galvanized steel coated with anti-acid polymer
  • Side and front panels: Chemical resistant acrylic
  • Filtration module: Polypropylene


Manufacturer Warranty on New:

  • 2 year warranty on structure
  • 1-2 year life on filters depending on usage
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Our used lab equipment is fully refurbished, guaranteed to work up to manufacturers specifications and are delivered to our customers in as close to new condition as possible. Typical turnaround for refurbishing of used lab equipment is 2-4 weeks. They also come with our standard 6 Month parts and labor warranty. Prices do not include S/H unless otherwise indicated. Pictures enclosed and the actual unit may vary unless specified.


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